The No 365 is now its own policy and it is available to all crafts

  • October 12, 2021

Initially, we offered 365 days of coverage as an extension rider to your existing policy. That approach proved to be complicated and confusing. As a stand-alone policy, No 365 makes it easier to get the coverage you want, right away. This policy permits you to purchase the full compliment of discipline days immediately, instead of waiting 5 years for the No 12 or No 16 to mature. The No 365 Policy is the only policy of this type in the job insurance industry. For those policyholders who want the maximum coverage days, the No 365 is perfect. It has the same great coverage and the Accidental Death benefit and Loyalty Appreciation reward. And, if you have SMART-DIPP insurance, our policy costs less and provides additional benefits. The savings are significant initially and grow larger the longer you stay with LECMPA.