How Are Claims Handled?

One practice that sets LECMPA apart from other wage loss providers is the individual attention given to each and every claim. We look at all of the circumstances and facts surrounding claims and give the benefit of the doubt to our members whenever possible.

LECMPA understands that people need to get back to work promptly and that agreeing to discipline for a reduced charge (signing a waiver) gets a worker back on the job quickly. However, we do not assume a waiver means the member admits to any wrong-doing. In fact, LECMPA pays covered losses whether you sign a waiver or go to investigation.

Most claims made by LECMPA members are paid promptly and without incident. However, you have two opportunities to appeal a denied claim. You may ask the Appeal Board to review your claim. The Board is composed of railroad and transportation labor professionals with decades of experience adjusting disciplinary cases. Our internal review usually takes about 60 days. You also have the right to request a review by the Michigan Office of Finance and Insurance Regulation.

Need more information? Read about our Claims Processing. Have a specific question about claims, check out our claims FAQS.

$50 Million claims paid out over the last 5 years.

Need a Claim Form?

When you need to file a claim, call the Home Office Toll Free: (800) 514-0010 to request claim forms and begin the claim process. Provide all the requested information to ensure your claim can be processed efficiently. LECMPA will review your claim promptly and affirm or deny coverage of claims. Claims are reviewed in the order in which they are received. We complete our review of most claims within a week of receipt of all necessary documentation.

Need to file a claim?