LECMPA does not sell or give away policyholders’ or prospects’ personal information, including name, mailing address, e-mail address, phone number, billing records, income, coverage and claims history, unless required to do so by appropriate state, federal or regulatory authorities. As a mutual insurance company governed by the requirements of the State of Michigan Insurance Commissioner, LECMPA specifically complies with restrictions and guidelines imposed by that state. Representatives, managers and employees of LECMPA are prohibited from using the personal information of members and prospects for any purpose other than LECMPA business. Information about claims compiled for LECMPA’s business development purposes will not include a prospect’s or policyholder’s personal information, unless use of the information is authorized in writing by the prospect or policyholder.

To report a violation of this policy or check on your membership status, claim history, policy size or current mailing address, please use our website at https://lecmpa.org and the Internet ID issued to you with a new or additional policy. DO NOT GIVE THIS INTERNET ID TO ANYONE ELSE. You can also call the Home Office at 800-514-0010, or fax us at 877-633-1910. Representatives and managers are required to confirm the correct identity of a caller by policy number before divulging sensitive information. Information on claims used for promotional purposes will not use an individual’s name unlessauthorized by that person.