Annual Report 2021

Membership Programs and Innovations that Make a Difference LECMPA has always proudly backed member-owners with the best coverage at the lowest rates in the industry. This year, in addition to providing railroad members with an opportunity to save or increase their.

LECMPA Announces New Lower Rates

New rate structure ensures LECMPA members continue to enjoy the best coverage in the industry for less Locomotive Engineers & Conductors Mutual Protective Association (LECMPA) announced that effective Sept. 1, 2022, it is significantly reducing monthly rates for both Rail Operating.

LECMPA Announces New Leadership Promotions

Locomotive Engineers & Conductors Mutual Protective Association (LECMPA) has announced new leadership appointments and enhancements, ensuring that the Association remains the premier provider of wage loss protection to union transportation workers in the United States and Canada. “Even with more.

Annual Report 2021

Annual Report 2020

Innovative Programs that Benefit our MembersThere are many things that make LECMPA the best value in job insurance for union transportation workers — just ask one of our 25,000+ members. Our association has expanded upon a core set of disciplinary-related.

2021 - 22 Scholarship Award Winners

BLE-T Auxiliary: LECMPA Scholarship Award Winners for School Year 2021 – 2022 

LECMPA is proud to announce the winners of the BLET Auxilary/LECMPA scholarship for the upcoming school year. These $2,500 scholarships, funded by LECMPA and administered by the BLET Auxilary, help the children and families of railroaders defray education costs and.

Trends in Furloughs

Trends in Furloughs

Policy seniority is important for your discipline day eligibility and the Loyalty Appreciation Program. If furloughed by your employer, simply call the Home Office and ask to have your policy inactivated. You will pay no premiums while the policy is.

The No 365 is now its own policy and it is available to all crafts

Initially, we offered 365 days of coverage as an extension rider to your existing policy. That approach proved to be complicated and confusing. As a stand-alone policy, No 365 makes it easier to get the coverage you want, right away..