Since the start of the Loyalty Appreciation Program in 2010, thousands of members have earned a generous loyalty award. Our Loyalty Appreciation Program is just one more way we strive to serve our members and their families. The tax-free award is earned for each year premiums are received and paid out to the loyal member upon retirement.

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Did you know that LECMPA rewards your membership when you retire?

LECMPA’s Loyalty Appreciation Program is one way we reward long-term membership. All members with five or more years of membership at retirement receive a generous, tax-free payment at retirement.

The amount of your loyalty reward is based on your years of membership and daily coverage amount. You receive a loyalty reward even if you’ve had a claim! Loyalty reward is calculated at the time you retire.

With an average Loyalty Appreciation payment of $1,400, LECMPA gives back to loyal, eligible members when they retire. Depending on your length of membership and career, you receive a loyalty check as our way of saying thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Loyalty Appreciation payment is payable one time: when you retire at age 55 or over, or when you retire with a full occupational disability. You must be an active member of LECMPA at the time you retire.

The Loyalty Appreciation Program is available only to those who remain members up to their retirement.

If your policy has not yet been terminated, you can contact the Home Office to bring your payment up to date so there is no lapse in coverage. You can keep your accrued days, if applicable. After that, you must either participate in the payroll deduction plan or keep your payments current to continue to be eligible. 

You may be able to reinstate your policy by paying for the months you missed. Call the Home Office to discuss your situation with the Billing Department (800-514-0010 ext. 193).

Inactivating your policy stops the count of eligible premium months but does not terminate your policy. When you return to work, your paid months of membership are added to those already accrued.

Claims don’t affect your reward. You can collect even if you’ve had claims.

Yes, you will be asked to send us proof of retirement from the U.S. Railroad Retirement Board.

We will accept your resignation letter as long as it shows your retirement date, name and employee ID.

Contact us for any additional information regarding our loyalty appreciation program.

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Loyalty Appreciation Program

After five years as a member you qualify.

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