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Inactivating a Policy Questions

Q. I’m off work due to furlough or injury. Must I keep up my payments?

A. If a member is off work for an entire calendar month due to military or medical leave of absence, furlough or taking an exempt position, they can suspend their policy and do not need to pay dues for that time. However, if the policy is suspended, no benefits are payable for incidents which occur in that month, including accidental death incidents. To keep the accidental death feature active, they must continue to pay dues.

A member cannot inactivate their policy simply because they are off of work due to discipline. This applies to those who have not or do not intend to file a claim for benefits and those who have already exhausted their job insurance coverage. Premium payments must be kept current the entire time a member is off of work due to discipline.

If a policy has been inactivated, it is the member’s responsibility to notify the Home Office to reactivate the policy once they return to work.

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