LECMPA Announces New Leadership Promotions

  • April 22, 2022

Locomotive Engineers & Conductors Mutual Protective Association (LECMPA) has announced new leadership appointments and enhancements, ensuring that the Association remains the premier provider of wage loss protection to union transportation workers in the United States and Canada.

“Even with more than 111 years of service powering us, LECMPA has been exploring all-new ways to provide members with better benefits and more peace of mind – which is especially important given the pandemic and the economic aftershocks it’s creating,” said Rod Bloedow, LECMPA president. “These promotions are part of that effort, demonstrating the value of key contributors to our railroad community and to our Association’s long-term success.” 

Key new team roles include: 

Bob Brown Appointed Vice President Union Relations; Retired Marketing Director takes on new challenges 

As Vice President Union Relations, Brown continues to leverage decades of goodwill he built with officers of the various railroad labor organizations as the retired Western Region Marketing Director. He is serving as LECMPA’s liaison at International, National, Regional and General Committee meetings scheduled throughout the year and will periodically assist the Home Office on special initiatives.  

“The Association thanks Bob for his many years of service, sales leadership and vision,” Bloedow said. “We commend him on his tremendous 21-year career as Marketing Director. The Association has long maintained close fraternal ties to our friends in the labor community. Bob will continue to foster and strengthen them.”  

Former Western Region Marketing Director Leslie D. Laswell first appointed Brown as an agent in September 2000. In July 2001, Former President William L. Davis elevated him to State Manager, Washington.  

In November 2005, Former President Susan Tukel promoted him to Western Region Marketing Director. During Brown’s tenure, he led the successful charge to bring in membership from the railroad non-operating crafts and UPS markets.  

LECMPA went on to surpass its competition and become the largest North American provider of wage loss protection to transportation workers.  

Cameron Reeves Appointed Marketing Director – Western Region 

As Western Region Marketing Director, Cameron assumes sales leadership for Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.  

Reeves was appointed as an Agent in May 2011, then Super Agent in March 2012, by then-California State Manager Buzz Reeves. Tukel promoted him to State Manager, California, in February 2017, and State Manager, Nevada, in August 2017.  

“Cameron has a drive to deliver, always supporting our initiatives with tenacity and enthusiasm and inspires his teams to do the same,” said Bloedow, “Cameron has rightfully earned many accolades from LECMPA – including becoming our State Manager of the Year in 2020 and leading his agents to earn top sales awards each of the past five years.” 

Kenneth Romero, Appointed Marketing Director – Great Plains Region 

As Great Plains Region Marketing Director, Romero assumes sales leadership for Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Texas.  

He was first appointed Agent in October 2004 by Louisiana State Manager Don Hill. He was promoted to State Manager, Louisiana, and New Mexico in March 2021.  

“Ken is a gifted communicator and a natural at conveying the importance of wage loss protection to railroaders,” said Bloedow. “We’re proud of Ken’s accomplishments and are excited to see him continue to grow in this new role.” 

A New Era for Service 

William Yates continues in his role as Eastern Region Marketing Director. Together, Reeves, Romero and Yates aim to make LECMPA the job insurance provider of choice for all railroad workers and their families throughout the United States and Canada. 

Introducing the 2022 LECMPA State Manager Roster

  • Mark Bleckert: ID, NV, UT
  • Diana Brady: KY, OH, TN, WV
  • Mike Clark: ND
  • Ronnie Clemons: LA
  • Steve Cook: IA, KS, MO
  • Scott Copeland: NC, SC, VA
  • George Gilbert: AZ
  • Rodney Guthrie: NE, SD, WY
  • BB Harry: AL, FL, GA, MS
  • John Holecz: IL, WI
  • JD Howard: AR, OK, TX
  • Adam Moiles: DC, DE, MD, PA
  • Thomas Ragghianti: WA
  • Edward Risher, Jr.: CT, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, RI, VT
  • Cary Sherrow: MT, OR
  • Jim Surma: MN
  • Dwayne Tafoya: NM
  • Shari Tomac: IN
  • Mark Zanders: CA, CO

In addition to restructuring the national railroad teams and modernizing its digital tools and marketing, LECMPA also has recently upgraded its membership benefits. For instance, the Referral Program now pays $100 for each referral that leads to a new member. Plus, its upgraded Loyalty Appreciation Program rewards retiring members with increased, tax-free payouts based on daily coverage and years of membership.