Broad Claim Payouts

LECMPA has your back 24/7, on or off the clock. Our discipline incident payments include:

  • Covered incidents anywhere — on or off the clock
  • Accidental death coverage 24/7
  • Accidental death coverage for beneficiary *
  • Loyalty Program required membership — 5 years
  • Loyalty payment increases at rate of $60 each year
  • No cost to keep Loyalty Appreciation while policy inactive
  • Binding contract protects your covered discipline days
  • Claim payments made weekly
  • Discounts for Annual and Semi-annual payments
         Semi-annual: 5% discount; Annual: 15% Discount
  • Covered claims paid up to policy limit whether you go to Investigation or sign a waiver

*Beneficiary Accidental Death coverage not available in California and Texas

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Additional Resources

Have questions? Your local state agent can help answer them. Also check out our Frequently asked question section on our website.