LECMPA was established in 1910 as a cooperative assessment insurer. Members now include workers in all union transportation crafts and trades who are concerned with the effects of the harsh discipline on railroad families.

What are the Benefits of  LECMPA Wage-loss Protection?

Members can rest easy knowing that their family is protected from wage loss due to discipline. There are many reasons that make LECMPA the best value in wage-loss protection. Did you know that LECMPA offers the following additional benefits? 

  • Incidents are covered anywhere – on or off the clock
  • Binding contract protects your covered discipline days and daily rate
  • No money down to start wage-loss protection policy
  • Discounts for Annual and Semi-Annual payments (Annual 15%, Semi-Annual 5%)
  • Convenient payroll deduction on most railroads as well as other payment methods
  • Local agent for you to call
  • Members can inactivate policy at no cost if out of work due to medical/injury, furlough, military leave, or taking an exempt position. There is also no loss of seniority for the Loyalty Appreciation Program.

Retirees benefit from our Loyalty Appreciation Program

Claims Payment

  • Covered claims paid up to policy limit whether you go to investigation or sign a waiver
  • Claim payments made weekly
  • Millions paid in claims each year
  • Repayment of benefits is not required if you are awarded payment of back wages from your employer or arbitration award

Accidental Death Benefits

  • Accidental death coverage is 24/7, on or off the job
  • Matching accidental death coverage for beneficiary
  • Coverage is available on all policies