Protecting transportation workers since 1910

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Protecting transportation workers since 1910

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Protecting transportation workers since 1910

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As a worker employed in a hazardous transportation craft or trade, you live with the prospect of discipline. You’ve seen the financial hardship that occurs when a coworker is put out of service. Even when you think you’re doing everything right, things can go wrong. LECMPA is here to provide financial security when you and your family need it most.

Discipline Incident
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Claims Processing

One practice that sets LECMPA apart from other wage loss providers is the individual attention given to each and every claim.

Protecting transportation workers since 1910

Payroll Deduction

We offer payroll deduction with most railroads as a hassle free and automatic way to pay your monthly premium and keep your policy current.

UPS Driver
Generous Loyalty Awards

Loyalty Appreciation Program

Since the start of our Loyalty Appreciation Program, thousands of members have earned a generous loyalty award.


Trucking / Logistics / UPS

Wage-loss Protection

Whether you work for UPS or another transportation company, it is imperative that you have wage-loss protection. Why? Accidents happen and sometimes, no matter the circumstance, accidents can cost you your paycheck.

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Discipline Incidents

Discipline is a constant across all trades and crafts. Can you afford to go without a paycheck? LECMPA has paid more than $100,000,000 in claims over the last ten years. Want to know how we stand up to the competition?

Discipline Incident Payments
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Members Are Saying

“Many years ago a friend of mine and I were discussing the many job insurance products offered on the market…I joined, and was a member until my retirement…LECMPA is a great product to have; I would recommend it to anyone contemplating the purchase of job insurance. The servicing of policies is great; any amendments or changes to one’s policy can be made easily and quickly. Why shop around…go with the proven.”

Policy No. 0206178

“The policy is worth its weight in gold.”

Policy No. 0185634

“Your loyalty payment is greatly appreciated. It’s nice to know someone recognized many years of service…Thank you.”

Policy No. 0169461

“I was awarded my job back through the arbitration process to Florida East Coast Railway in Jacksonville, Florida. IBEW 871 and the chosen arbitrator were successful in securing the opportunity for me to return to a railroad career. I am so thankful to LECMPA for honoring my job insurance claim last year and hope you will share this news of success with colleagues and agents of your company as testimony for those who request assistance in the industry. Faith and support from those who truly care is exactly what decides a fair and just outcome for all in need. ”

Ryan James Morgan
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