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Your Home for Job Insurance Protection

As a railroad or transportation worker you’ve seen the financial hardship that occurs when workers are put out of service due to job discipline. Even when you are doing your job right, there is always the chance that another crew member may not be and discipline results. LECMPA knows that going without a paycheck due to discipline can be devastating for you and your family. We evaluate each claim individually and handle them promptly so you can stop worrying. LECMPA is your home for all your job insurance needs.

Add Extra Days to Your No. 12 & No. 16 Policies

Introducing the 365 Extension Riders. Members can buy extra days and get a full year of job insurance immediately. When you add the 365 Extension Rider, you have the discipline days of the No. 12 or No. 16 as a base, PLUS the additional days necessary to give you up to 365 immediately without the wait!
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Whether you work for UPS or another transportation company, it is imperative that you have job insurance. Why? Accidents happen and sometimes, no matter the circumstance, accidents can cost you your paycheck. To learn more Click here.

Protect Yourself and Your Family

LECMPA job insurance provides peace of mind and our caring and compassionate staff are ready to help you. We’re different because we:

  • Cover incidents anywhere—on or off the clock
  • Provide accidental death coverage 24/7 for you and your beneficiary on all policies at no extra cost
  • Pay claims weekly
  • Pay covered claims to policy limit whether you go to investigation or sign a waiver

Discipline is on the rise in all crafts. Can you afford to go without a paycheck? LECMPA has paid nearly $50,000,000.00 in job insurance claims over the last five years. Want to know how we stand up to the competition? Read more to find out how at LECMPA, We Are On Your Side.

Loyalty Appreciation Program

Did you know that LECMPA rewards your membership when you retire? Since the start of our Loyalty Appreciation Program in 2010, hundreds of members have been awarded a generous loyalty bonus. The Loyalty Appreciation payment is payable one time: when you retire at age 55 or over, or retire with full occupational disability. You must be an active member of LECMPA at the time you retire and have been a paying member for at least 5 years. Read more about our generous Loyalty Appreciation Program.

Find an LECMPA Representative

Looking for more information on LECMPA job insurance? Contact our knowledgable representatives in your region.